Overall – This nursery is a top nursery in NW London and beyond. My son started this nursery when he was 1 year old and he has been attending for nearly 2 years now. During these 2 years I did not have the slightest concern or complaint about anything. This nursery is amazing, safe, and enjoyable. I am a lawyer by profession and as a person I am a perfectionist, madly protective of my first and only son. I had high expectations of what I wished for my son and my expectations are exceeded here. Location is perfect, as you turn into a country like little road you see an attractive red brick building surrounded by beautiful parkland with a children’s playground and trees with squirrels playing in them. A unique walled garden is next door too. Another key factor for me was: Natural light – The building is incredibly soaked with light coming through the large windows any time of year. Inside: All the decorations, bathrooms, toys are meticulously selected to create stimulating and enjoyable world for children. Food - Hot varied nutritious meals provided daily. Staff: My son is loved by all members of the staff. All members genuinely love children and are all creative, positive and approachable. He is a very active boy with a strong character and is definitely not easy to manage, however his and my needs are perfectly met in terms of discipline, stimulation, caring, developing. I don’t get daily reports like other nurseries, do, but I don’t need them as Jo- the director and all other members are always available and willing to share and chat about all and any issues. I thank them every day from the bottom of my heart.
— Ruta (Mum to boy age 2+)
My child has been at Little Xplorers for 1 year now, she started when she was two. . Nursery has helped to build her confidence, and help her language development. She really enjoys coming to Little Xplorers, has good relationships with all staff and children. She talks going to nursery, even at the weekends. She really loves it here.
— Maryam (Mum of 3 yr old Girl)
My son started the nursery one year and a month ago. As a parent, I am more than happy with his evolution. He has started to speak a lot, he enjoys every second spent there. As well, he is more confident in everything he is doing and very very happy. In the beginning, he refused to eat lunch and this was very stressful for me. But with the right support from the staff, he started to eat very well. The team is very professional and more than friendly. I like the way they encourage and look after every child. I think that the first thing a parent wants to hear from their child is “I love to go to the nursery, for Kelly, Kerrie Anne and Tina (from the staff team) are my best friends.” After I leave my son at the nursery, I know he is safe, loved and educated at the highest standards.
— Corina (Mum to 3yr old boy)
My son has been at Little Xplorers for 5 months. This was his first experience of communicating with new people, during a period of time, this slightly worried me. Thankfully we have met a friendly, helpful and well trained staff that support us and make our child happy. Children spend their time in small groups with at least two members of staff, who can pay attention to each child and are ready to meet their needs. Little Xplorers work with children is massive, just imagine that each child is photographed at an important moment in their nursery life, and later you receive these memories for all life. Children are encouraged to participate in different activities that help them develop their potential within early years. A child can choose from a lot of interesting engagements – from traditional everyday book reading and card making to messy play and animal yoga. All these moments inspire me to carry out future learning with my child at home. Little Xplorers is a good start for your child, so I highly recommend it, because you will feel that there is a big family that just love children.
— Zhanna (mum to 3 yr old boy)
As a first time mum the thought of having to send my son to nursery was very scary. After just a few months my son settled well and loves attending. His key person is amazing as well as the rest of the staff at Little Xplorers. My son is now more confident, the staff helped him grow and develop so
much. I’m very happy as a parent and my son is thriving.
— Ionela (mum of boy 3 yrs)
My daughter loves her time at nursery. We always drop her off and pick her up with a smile on her face. Staff are all friendly and seem genuinely happy to care for my daughter.
— Sally ( mum to Girl 14 mos)
We are very happy with Little Xplorers. They are supportive to our daughter’s needs. Staff are friendly and child based. Our daughter has a good relationship with her keyworker and other staff members too. She enjoys nursery and has gained a lot of independence and developed her skills with the team’s help.
— Minal ( mum of Girl 3yrs)
Our daughter is enjoying the nursery. I have seen a lot of progress in behaviour, talking, expressing and it has become part of her day. All credit to the staff and management.
— Siham & Brahim (Parents to Girl, age 2)